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I want to help you improve your financial situation and save for the future without sacrificing your happiness in the present.

Whether you want to save for a deposit on your first home, travel the world or achieve financial independence, I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

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Hi! I’m Jenni, a personal finance writer on a mission to help people be better with money.

Tired of counting down the days until payday? No idea where your money disappears to each month? Eager to save a deposit against the odds? Let me help.

Whether you’re looking for a breakdown of the best investing apps for beginners or you’re wondering which Lifetime ISA to get, I have tons of guides to help you make a decision.

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  • Following your post which shared exactly where your pay cheque goes each month, I realised I had zero idea where mine was going. Other than out my account much quicker than I was earning it. It scared the shit out of me. So genuinely, as a result of your post, I spent the night researching everything I didn't know about money. The next day I did a 0% balance transfer to begin clearing my credit card debt, started a spreadsheet of my outgoings, and I'm looking at which app is best for me to actually keep a tab on what the hell I spend my money on. Thank you so much Jenni, for giving personal finance a bit of sass!
  • Thank you for making me get the Help to Buy ISA, Jenni. In the past few years since opening it I've managed to save over £10,000, including interest. Super chuffed to finally tip over the 10k mark last month.
  • Since joining the Money Mess To Financial Success Facebook group, I stopped accepting the status quo of my finances and made moves to improve them. This group comes highly recommended by me.
  • I just love how you always have a plan! It's brilliant. It's so important for people to document the rough, as well as the smooth, because that's what life is like. Any one of us could be made redundant tomorrow, so it's good to see how you're dealing with that!


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